Hi, I am Afiahayati (アフィアハヤティ), an Indonesian girl and moslem. My friends call me afia or fia. I try to devote my life to give the best, strive to paradise and reach ridho from Allah, hopefully, bismillah, ganbarimashou ! ^_^

What are my activities now?

  1. Full time PhD student at Sakakibara Lab, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University. My research focus is  in Bioinformatics - Genome Informatics (especially metagenome assembler), also interested in Datamining and Artificial Intelligence.
  2. International Society of Computational Biology (ISCB)
  3. Google Girls Leading in Development and Engineering (GLIDE)
  4. Indonesia Linux Women Group (known as Kluwek)
  5. IT division of KAMMI Jepang (Association of Indonesian Moslem Students in Japan)
  6. Station Crew of (Indonesia live streaming radio)
  7. IT division of Fahima (Moslemah Forum)
  8. Media division of KISS (Keio University Indonesian Student Society )
  9. Qur’an tutor, teaching Japanese - Indonesian kids for reading Al Qur’an
  10. English tutor, teaching Japanese speaking in English at English salon held by YISH
  11. A Yokohama Muslim Advisor, join a project from Yokoma Goverment to provide information for Muslim tourist

You can find me in Linkedin, Google+, Blogspot, Facebook or Twitter. Since 2012, I have tried to have a new hobby, what is it? Writing, yahh… writing related to my researches (must be ^_^), my experiences, my life or anything. I write in English, Bahasa Indonesia and sometimes using some Japanese terms. Yaps, welcome to my blog…