15 September 2009 | Lecture

What is TOEFL?
TOEFL = Test of English as a Foreign Language

From the name, it means that TOEFL only for someone whose native language is not english, like me, I am Indonesian :D . TOEFL is usually used as one of the enrollment requirements in International universities and its scholarship. My friend asked me, “Fia, have you taken TOEFL?”. Before answer this question, I reply the question “Which TOEFL?”.. long I know, there are three kinds of TOEFL, prediction TOEFL, ITP TOEFL and International TOEFL. I will try to explain that.

Prediction TOEFL, usually held by university as one of the requirements to enroll university or to graduate from university. For example, in my university, there is a english test center. Student who will be graduated for bachelor degree have to get minimum score 450 for his prediction TOEFL. This is paper based test, consists of three section, reading, listening, and structure written section. The minimum score is 310 and the maximum score is 677. The price of this test is about 40.000 rupiahs until 75.000 rupiahs, it differs according to the test center.

Second, ITP (Institutional Testing Program) TOEFL, held by ETS in many english training centers. This TOEFL can be used to apply some scholarships, like ADS, Hitachi, Monbusho or student exchange programs but not for enrolling international universities. The test is similar with prediction TOEFL, paper based test, consist of three section and having same minimum and maximum score, 310 - 677. The price of this test is about $27.5.

Third, International TOEFL, also held by ETS. There are two kinds of International TOEFL, IBT (internet based TOEFL) and PBT(paper based toefl). IBT is more convenient than paper based, because we can do the test via internet, and the result is faster than PBT. This TOEFL is used to enroll international universities and its scholarship like Erasmus Mundus, Ford Foundation, Endeavour etc. I think there is no university and scholarship that refuse this test result. Most of universities in Europe, Australia and America declare that International TOEFL or IELTS is one of the mandatory requirements. The price of this test is $165, so U have to prepare, if U want to take this test.

Hufff now, I want to take IBT TOEFL….

Hope it can be useful :D

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