This is My Choice

11 March 2009 | Lecture

Thusrday, 26 February, I got a sms from my friend working in KUI UGM, “Congratulation for ur scholarship!!”. First, I was confused, then I confirmed to my friend. Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah SWT, I got ASEA UNINET scholarship, on place program. My study in Magister of Computer Science, UGM will be funded by Austria Government, and there is chance to continue my Ph.D in Austria.

Thursday, 5 March, I got an email from Secretary of Erasmus Mundus Program for Computational Logic,

> Dear Ms Afiahayati Afiahayati
> We are glad to inform you that the joint commission of the European
> Master’s Program in Computational Logic has accepted your application.
> This is subject to the final decision by the local International Office.
> We confirm that you has been selected as a candidate for the Erasmus
> Mundus scholarship. We are currently waiting for the approval by the
> European Commission. The final decision of the EC will be announced by
> the end of May and we will contact you soon afterwards. Only after the
> approval by the EC we can provide further information, i.e about the
> placements in your future host institutions.

Alhamdulillah, my application to the Mundus program was accepted. But I have to send my IBT score. The deadline is 1 May and the announcement for my scholarship is on 31 May. In my mind, in September, I will go to German. I chose dual degree between German and Austria.

I told this great news to my mother. My mother said “How about ur ASEA UNINET scholarship?” In my mind, I have to go to Europe, only it, I said to my mom, “Mom I will be unactive in MKom UGM, then I go to Europe, then I will back to Indonesia continue my study in MKom”. My Mother said, “Fi, discuss this case to ur lecturer! U study in Indonesia or in Europe is Ok for me!”

I discussed this to my lecturers and my senior in my working place. I can’t estimate their answer.
My lecturers said, “How about ur ASEA UNINET scholarship? Ur Mundus program is conditional, U have to send ur IBT score. If I am were U, I will choose the scholarship that was finally announced.” My answer, “Sir, so I don’t continue my application to Mundus, send my IBT score?”. Their answer,”What is ur aim if U send ur IBT score? If U send IBT score then U get the scholarship, U will be more confused. U have to choose one scholarship and one of ur sponsors will be disappointed.”
My senior said “ASEA UNINET is prestigious scholarship. The scholarship is only for student of prestigious university in Indonesia. U has been interviewed by Professor from there. I think U finish ur Master degree in Indonesia then continue ur Ph.D in foreign. Ur sponsor has believed U. Trust is everything.”

First, my feeling. “Ya Allah, I want to study in Europe”. I discuss this to my close friend.
She said “Fi, examination from Allah not only dissaster but also comfort. U have to thanks to Allah. There are a lot of people that is not lucky like U. This is ur time to make decision, choose the best.”

Ya, I think that I am greedy. I get the scholarship and then I want more. Please forgive me ya Allah. I have to take the right choice. First, I only think myself, study in Europe for my master degree.

My decision, I don’t continue my application to Mundus, I take the ASEA UNINET scholarship and make an optimal study in Indonesia. I am sure that Allah will give the best for me. Hope, I will continue my study in foreign, either for master or PhD. Next year, I will apply Mundus again, of course with my IBT TOEFL. Hiks…hiks…He..he.. :p

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  • 1 Athrun Says:

    Congratulation for the scholarship…!!!! :D

  • 2 Rahmat Says:’s mean that we still have a long time together in integrasi room, wakakaka…..n still, you will be my walking dictionary if i have difficult thing about compy, :D

  • 3 rei Says:

    Europe! europe! waw!
    we’ll have one more ilkom 04 abroad! Let’s rule the world! hohoho..

    No matter what will you choose, take it wisely, choose the best not just for now, but for your future too ;)

  • 4 naya Says:


  • 5 Dafferianto Says:

    Afia, first of all, I’d like to congratulate you for the offered scholarships. You deserve them :-)

    I’d like to give you a bit of counter-analysis :-)

    Honestly, if I were you, I’d take the Erasmus Mundus scholarship in the Computational Logic programme. Erasmus Mundus is one of the European Commission’s pilot projects that has been successfully attract best brains from all around the world. By pursuing your master-level degree at 2 European universities with these best brains, I’m sure you’ll gain more exposures in your field of study. Furthermore, you’ll experience the diversity nature of life a bit more than (let’s say) when you spend your time back there in Yogyakarta. This will surely broaden your point of view about the world. In addition, the Erasmus Mundus scholarship doesn’t bind you with any contractual obligation, i.e. you are free to decide your next step for your very own career.
    About pursuing a PhD? My counterexample will go to my classmate from India who is also an Erasmus Mundus scholarship awardee from my cohort. You know what? He is accepted in a joint PhD programme between the University of Cambridge and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He has an opportunity even to extend his experience in the best universities in the world (not only in Europe).
    And about the iBT TOEFL? If I were you I’d treat it as a challenge :-)

    But my mind has always be the same: in the end we’re supposed to live in a free world of free choices. If you choose not to accept the Erasmus Mundus scholarship, then don’t hesitate to do it. Choose your choice and never regret :-)
    Whichever path you may choose, I wish you all the best!

    all the best,

  • 6 wi2d Says:

    Wis, nang Jogja wae.. Mengko nek kowe ke luar negeri disangka teroris lho Fi :p

    Kemana saja dirimu, saya pasti akan mengunjungimu, Insyaallah.. Tapi untuk jalan-jalan saja..


  • 7 Topan Berliana Says:

    Actually, you could get more opportunities, networking and challenges by joining Erasmus Mundus program. You will meet the best students from many countries, great professors, academic and industrial experiences and also interesting amount of grant. :)

    Furthermore, the European Union offers scholarship also for doctoral level now. So, after finished your master degree in Europe, you may apply for the same scholarship and continue your study there.

    But, whatever your choice is, I wish you the best. Congratulation!

    Topan Berliana.
    EMSE student & CS-UGM alumni.

  • 8 uswah Says:

    selamat ya mbak,
    sbelum pergi, tolong ajari saya database dulu ya,haha
    trus, ngasi nilai A lagi d,haha

  • 9 Thaha Tabrani Says:

    Selamat ya Afia..Semoga dapat memajukan agama, almamater, bangsa n negara!!amin

  • 10 afia Says:

    Thanks a lot, hope I can get the best. Try everything for better life,…he..he..

  • 11 septo Says:

    Wah, ampuh kowe fi, btw komen ra nganggo basa linggis rapopo ya.. hahhaayyy…
    saya setuju sama mas wi2d, nanti saya ikutan dah kalo mas wi2d maen2..

  • 12 setanmipaselatan Says:


  • 13 sangprabo Says:

    Jaah,kalo aku jadi kamu, aku jelas ambil EM lah.. Duit gede, peluang ketemu macem2 orang dari seluruh dunia, dan… Eropa pulak! Tidak ada alasan untuk lebih memilih Uninet (beasiswa tuh harusnya bikin gemuk) daripada EM..

    Tapi, semua keputusan tetep di tanganmu Fi.. Moga berhasil!! Yoossh..!!

  • 14 rapaz Says:

    tidak selalu yg kasat mata itu yg terbaik buatmu..
    berani memilih,, setelah itu pasrahkan kepada-Nya

    ide ttg toefl,, kalau kamu belum punya,,
    minta tes wawancara kemampuan inggris saja,,,
    atau kirim institutional toefl….

    toefl itu syarat dari konsorsium,, bukan syarat beasiswa dari EU.. ada kalanya univ tolerate,, adakalanya strick

    from PPI-Portugal

  • 15 Ida R Says:

    Good decision :) Im proud that u choose to continue your study in UGM.
    Btw… how to get ASEA Uninet Scholarships? I interest to apply for that scholarships.
    Good Luck

  • 16 Sekar Sosronegoro Says:

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  • 17 Gusdar Says:

    Selamat ya!
    Aku ikutan bangga pernah menjadi temenmu..
    Jadi inget waktu dulu contek2an waktu SMA…LOL..
    Moga sukses selalu..

  • 18 afia Says:

    Huwaaaa inget2…contek2an.nya aq dapet jatah broadcast jawaban matematika hihihihi…..LOL

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