22 November 2012 | Beyond Japan, Mylife, Ngoprek, Today`s Script

In October, I got an invitation from Google to join an event held by GLIDE. What is GLIDE? GLIDE is abbreviation of Girls Leading in Development and Engineering. It was established in November 2011 at Japan as a community of women in computer science. The event was a workshop, but I think it was not a workshop, more appropriate to be called “short hackathon” :)

About 100 girls joined this event, arrived from all over Japan, Hokaido, Kanto, Kansai and even Fukuoka area, really happy can develop networking and have more friends.
The first step, we were divided to be many groups, a group consists of 3-4 girls. Three girls in my group (including me), Kerstin from Tokyo University and Mayumi from Hyogo University.

Mayumi - Afia - Kerstin

The second step, we had 3 hours to develop “application of finding location” utilizing Google Maps API 3. Seven features must be handled in our application. We were so confused T_T. Three years ago, I used that API for version 2, while for version 3, never touched it.
In the 1st hour, we only tried to understand the requirements and also find the appropriate tutorial. We used the documentation of that API and also tutorial in Japanese (Mayumi translated for us).

Google Maps Cookies

The 2nd hour, code, pray, code, pray and full concentration….

Full Concentration

Finally, really happy we were success, smile, smile, smile…
The last hour was for preparing our presentation and revising the interface …
The third step is for presentation. We presented our application, success!!!We got many merchandises from Google ^_^


After the workshop, I attended the dinner with Googler, but it’s only for Anita Borg scholars and Googler interns, about 20 people. Googlers shared their experience, jobs and many things, wow great!!!

We are Girls Leading in Development and Engineering , miss u all girls, Mayumi and Kerstin, enjoy that time…
Thanks Google ^_^

Google Maps HQ

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