Google, I’m coming … ^_^

14 July 2012 | Beyond Japan, Mylife, SLab

Yesterday, I got an email from Google, that my application is accepted, Alhamdulillahirrobbilalamin, yokatta! Many thanks to my sensei, my lecturer and of course many thanks to Google …

My sensei said “Afia san, omedetou, congratulations!!!” Really really and really happy, alhamdulillah :) Anyway, what application? I tried to apply The Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship.  Actually, not really scholarship, but also not really award or competition,  so sometimes it’s called Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship/Award. This scholarship is only for female students in computer science or closely related fields.  The selection is clustered based on regions and I join the Asia region. Based on the previous year, for the Asia region, only 15 applicants chosen as finalists and only one chosen as the scholars in each degree. I don’t know for this year but the most important… I am one of the scholars for this year ^_^

What are the criteria to get this scholarship?

“Scholarships will be awarded based on the strength of candidates’ academic performance, leadership experience and demonstrated passion for computer science”

The final selection is interview session with Google Software Engineer. It’s so amazing, I got an opportunity to talk with him. I was interviewed approximately in 30 - 40 minutes talking about my current research, my dreams and my proposed program in order that women earning computing degrees would be 50% of the graduates by year 2020.

What will I get?

I will get an amount of money from Google and invited to join scholar’s retreat. Yah…can’t wait to join the scholar retreat, why? I am invited to a local Google Office (Google Tokyo) and to regional retreat held in Google Singapore. The events consist of :

  1. Welcome meal and tour of Google;
  2. Informal ice breaker activities and introductions;
  3. Introduction to the Anita Borg Institute and the scholarship program;
  4. Personal insights, technical talks, and workshops.

Yahh,…. can’ t wait…………………. ^_^


Anyway my dreams, someday, may be after graduated from PhD, going to Silicon Valley, join Google and the bioinformatics company, 23andme, doing research there, only for a while, and of course back to Indonesia. My dreams are too high? I don’t think so. My senpai (3rd year PhD Student) said “A dream that comes true can’t really be called a dream”. So we have to do our dreams come true no matter how difficult it is!!! Ganbatte!!!

Step by step…, hopefully, I can join the Google internship, but I have to be a PhD candidate first which means that 2 papers must be accepted in international journal, hohoho… Ganbaruuu!!!. There are also many considerations, for example, after married, of course I have to ask permission to my husband. Anyway, do the best and keep spirit!!! bismillahirrohmanirrohim … ^_^

Alhamdulillah bi ni’mati tatimmushshoolihaat…

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