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File1 is a subset of File2 ???

How to check whether file1 is a subset of file2?
Please try this command :
comm -23

Merge the contains of files to a file

Wanna merge the contain of files to a file?
Please try this command!
cat filename1 filename2 filename3 … > mergefile

Find any file containing specific string

How to find any file containing specific string?
Try this command :

find | xargs grep ’string’ -sl

Messy bed (again)

(Again) Try to understand computational methods and its implementations, lazy to go to the Slab, my desk at my room is too small. So??? The victim is my bed, messy bed … 勉強 頑張ってね 。
Don’t think that I am dilligent! This happens because of the deadline

Don’t do it again!!!

There is a problem with my research, made me stay at the lab until night and finally I went home in the midnight.  I opened the door, my roommate, angela, got out from her room …
afia : Hi…
angela : Where did you go?
afia : ??? stay at my lab, try to fix my research…
angela : [...]

Google, I’m coming … ^_^

Yesterday, I got an email from Google, that my application is accepted, Alhamdulillahirrobbilalamin, yokatta! Many thanks to my sensei, my lecturer and of course many thanks to Google …
My sensei said “Afia san, omedetou, congratulations!!!” Really really and really happy, alhamdulillah :) Anyway, what application? I tried to apply The Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship.  Actually, not [...]